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John Parsons is based in Bognor Regis, a seaside resort town in the Arun District of West Sussex on the south coast of England, 55.5 miles (89km) south-west of London, 24 miles (39km) west of Brighton and 5.8 miles (9km) south-east of Chichester.

Bognor is one of the oldest recorded Anglo-Saxon place names in Sussex. In a document of 680AD it is referred to as Bucgan ora, meaning Bucge's (a female Anglo-Saxon name) shore, or landing place.

The suffix, "Regis" (of the King) was granted by King George V who, having convalesced in the resort after an illness and surgery, is reported to have said of the town (in conflicting stories) "Bugger Bognor".

Bognor is home to the "International Bognor Birdman Rally", an annual competition held each summer when contestants launch themselves from the end of the pier in an attempt to glide far enough to claim a prize of £1000. Competitors have included Sir Richard Branson (who possibly wasn't doing it for the money).

During the last weekend of July, every year, the free "Rox Music & Arts Festival" is held, featuring many genres of music in 7 performance areas over 2 days. Past headline acts have included The Fun Lovin' Criminals, Hugh Cornwell (of The Stranglers), Neville Staple (of The Specials), The Selecter and The Blockheads.

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Rob Moran is an award winning Illlustrator and comic book artist/writer based in the UK. This is his Blog, but beware, it is rumoured that some who entered never came out again.

Skelf the political cartoon alias of the aforementioned, and very talented, Rob Moran.

Jim FitzPatrick is perhaps best known for his iconic red and black portrait of Che Guevara, but I have always particularly loved his stunning Irish-Celtic art.

Luis Garcia Mozos is the artist who's work I used to show people when trying to explain what I wanted to do. You'll understand when you read this blog, written by another talented artist, David Roach

Kevin Hayler. When I first knew Kevin, many years ago, he was doing beautiful colour work - but he's colour blind. Now Kevin produces incredible wildlife drawings in graphite.

Matthew Hillier is one of the best wildlife and landscape artists around. He was always exceptional and his attention to detail astounding. Matthew is married to fellow artist, Julia Rogers

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