Art & Book Illustration

     John Parsons has illustrated, thrillers, joke books, books on financial planning, ornithology books, books on getting married, and one book on reading Tarot. His commissioned art has covered such diverse subjects as the American Civil War, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

     John uses his skills in art and design to produce examples of figurative art that he hopes are more than just pretty images to hang on the wall - that each creation will be both pleasing to the eye and stimulation for the mind as they communicate ideas, feelings, stories and messages.

     As a successful illustrator, John is able to read and interpret stories, using his vivid imagination in order to bring them to life, but, where most artists specialize in a particular style, one of John's strengths is the ability to work to a high standard in a wide range of styles. In the past this trait has received favourable comments from illustrators agents, publishers and advertising agencies who have expressed the benefits of being able to come to an illustrator who is able to adapt to most needs.

     Book illustrators use several different methods to enhance or decorate a tale. There has been an obvious and inevitable growth in the use of computer software, but John has resisted the temptation to stray from the traditional media of pen, pencil and paintbrush, with the result that the principal client will always be purchasing an original piece of art and not a digital print. 


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