Animals - Pet Portraits & Wildlife

      We read stories to our children, populated with tales of animals possessed with the motivation, character and behaviour of our own kind, and in every country and in every culture, people have lived side by side with animals, both as pets and in the wild. No other animals take in, nurture and protect other species as do humans - and we do it all the time.

     Mankind, throughout history, has chosen to become intimately involved with other species and wildlife art is one of humanity's earliest art forms, it's depiction of the natural world and the wildlife inhabiting it is a universal theme covering all cultures on all continents.

     John aims to create beautiful and life-like drawings and paintings of his subjects, successfully bringing out the character and individuality of the animals he portrays.

     He works from photographs when painting pets and prefers to meet and photograph the animals himself, which is fine if you live in the Bognor Regis or Chichester area of West Sussex, but, if not, he can work from photos supplied by clients.

     Supplied photographs can be sent by Email and should be a good clear likeness. A selection of several photographs helps to assess the personality and character of the pet.

     If you are taking the photos yourself, try not to use flash photography as it tends to distort colours. Go outside for more balanced lighting, but try to avoid bright, direct sunlight in the middle of the day. Take several pictures from different angles and try to get down to the pet's level for a more dynamic portrait (smaller animals should be placed on a raised surface).


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